Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First Bored Day

Ok...today has been my first somewhat bored day being home alone. I've been overly busy until now. This morning, I finished my workout and shower by 9am. I then thought, "I haven't watched Regis & Kelly in years!". So, I sat on the couch eating my oatmeal watching Regis & Kelly. After that, I thought...what next?
I finished the little bit of work I had to do online. Thankfully, Melissa called and I talked to her for a while while cleaning up the kitchen & clutter. After that, Kelsi called and we caught up for an hour. (It was fun to talk to both of them, though. I've known them since our babies were born...now they are 7 1/2!! We've had many play group times together! Sadly, those days are over.)
What now?
Ok...my new "fancy", front loading washer takes FOREVER. So, laundry will take a while.
Don't want to go shopping and spend money because I want to save my money for this weekend...although Jeffrey suggested running to Forever 21...that might be tomorrow.
I could start one of the many projects I want to do (make drapes for our bedroom, plant flowers and landscape our yard, paint the downstairs bathroom trim black, paint the kids' room, etc.)...but they all cost $.
I guess I'll run to Target to get paper for Jake's playdate invites and try not to spend any money. Good luck with that one...

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