Friday, September 14, 2007

Who I Admire

My nephew, Graham (who is in 7th grade), had to write an essay about who he admired. Read what he wrote:

English, 4

Graham *****

September 12, 2007

My Cousin Sawyer

My cousin, Sawyer ****, is one of my favorite people to hang out with. He is autistic, but he’s just like you and me on the inside. My cousin is energetic, caring, and lives life to the fullest, and he would die for me no matter what, and I know I would do the same for him.

Sawyer is energetic, he will run around wherever he is and laugh, and try to fight like a power ranger. He challenges me to many battles, some I come out on top, and others I do not. He will also chase every dog in sight, he doesn’t always catch them but he can get very close. There was one instance where he chased my dog all around our yard for about five minutes, the dog started slowing down, but Sawyer kept on going. Eventually, he caught up to my dog, and celebrated with a little nap.

He is caring, Sawyer can be very hyper, but other times he will calm down and watch TV with us or whatever we are doing. There are some occasions where, coincidentally they are all on my bad days, he sits down right next to me and scratches my back with out being told to or anything, he just does it out of his love for every one.

Sawyer lives his life to the fullest. To most, being autistic is a curse. To my family and me, it is probably one of the greatest blessings ever. We just live our life how we are supposed to, Sawyer lives his unbelievably wonderful. He runs around all day having the time of his life, while doing anything! Anything he does he does it as hard as he can, and enjoys life like it should be enjoyed.

Again, my cousin Sawyer is energetic, loving, and lives life to the fullest. If we all lived like Sawyer, this world would be a much better place for us to live, happy, care for each other, and enjoy the limited time we have on this earth.

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