Friday, September 14, 2007


As I am procrastinating from cleaning my house (well, I've already done 2 loads of laundry, cleaned 2 bathrooms, and cooked chicken for the pot pies I'm making), I sat down to ponder (while singing in my "in-my-mind-I'm-a-Rockstar" harmonizing voice...which I'm glad no one is around to hear b/c it might hurt their ears) my week with what has been brewing in my heart and mind.
My theme songs have been two fold the past 3 weeks:
The Way I Was Made by Chris Tomlin
and some other song about friends that I will have to find out who sings and write out the lyrics.
I've been thinking about how I was made. I am definitely "Unique". What floats my boat? People.
Is that weird? I love people. A good conversation can put me into a euphoric state. I'm weird, I know but that is how I am wired.
Examples of great conversations from Saturday on that left me rejuvenated...
a. A couple whose son is on Will's soccer team is from Nigeria. I had an amazing conversation with her at the soccer game (with her baby on her back like they do in Nigeria). Tears came to my eyes when she said she decided to follow Jesus as a high schooler (her father is Muslim and her mom is now a preacher in Nigeria). Wow! What a blessing that God is making my bubble break and my world smaller. I can't wait to go to Nigeria with her!
b. Hanging out with the Kids' Village "band" this weekend. I love getting to know people and their hearts...I was so energized!
c. Taking Stephanie to chemo on Monday and getting to hear her words of wisdom...and getting to eat some Pappasito's afterwards! Double blessing!!
d. Group Connect on Tuesday night...hanging out with Sarah...she is precious and I enjoyed getting to know her better.
e. Running into a couple I recognized from Group Connect on Wednesday night when they were sitting on the patio eating at Pazzo. I just randomly introduced myself and said, "Were y'all at Group Connect last night? I'm Stephanie." Total weird thing...they said they looked for me at Group Connect but couldn't find me. It was a "God thing" that we met that night.
f. Having my dog attack a lady's dog which brought about a 2 hour conversation about God, adoption, decorating, and cleaning house (yes, women have random choppy talk)...and a new friend who lives in the neighborhood!
There are so many more but these are the highlights. I think these are the times that God says...let me just fill your cup. And He does! I'm weird...I know!

Now I must finish the other 2 bathrooms, dust, vacuum, make dinner, and finish the laundry...thank goodness God filled my cup so I have energy to do it!


Isaac, Kim & Landen said...

Good to see you this morning!! So cute all dressed up. Oh, and I've only seen the soap in the mouth "A Christmas Story." I'm sure he will remember the taste of suds for awhile. PS..I may need to try your chicken pot pie.

Kristen said...

hi friend! i loved this entry. i think i'm wired the same way but have forgotten since oh... having a baby and moving to a new town in an old state. i've had some good convers lately, too and have been riding "high" or as you say, energized. the more i reach out and talk to people the better i feel. too bad my peanut's schedule makes it challenging a lot of the time, but it's getting better all the time. especially with a good dose of woman choppy talk as you called it.

love it. love you.

shine on, sister.