Sunday, September 09, 2007

Update on Big No No

Here is what I wrote to the boy's (who I am calling * to save identity) mom:

I was going to call you. I talked to * (& my children) about what has been going on while they are riding the bus. Apparently, * called Jake “chubby” and pinched his cheeks. Jake didn’t have his feelings hurt but has in the past regarding him being “bigger”. I told * (and my boys) that they shouldn’t call people by names because it would hurt their feelings if someone did it to them. Obviously, it didn’t faze Jake because he called * “chubby” today. So, Jake got his mouth washed out with soap this afternoon.

When I talked to * about it (at school today)…I just didn’t want to hurt his feelings (or yours) that I brought it up. I just didn’t want them calling each other names (even in fun). I hope you agree…feel free to call my children on their behavior any time!!

Again, I hope I didn’t hurt * by bringing it up and I should have stayed out of it. My “mama bear” instinct kicked in.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions…otherwise, I’m sure all 3 of them will be more careful with their words to each other in the future.

Here was her precious response:
It is amazing that you emailed about this. We did not know until in the car ride home last night that * had called Jake "chubby". (His dad) immediately told him it was hurtful to call people names.....he's told (his dad) before that he was "big" and that did not go over well with daddy! I think we've nipped it in the bud and I'm absolutely fine and think its appropriate for you to handle talking to him too. I would have done the exact same shows how much you care about * by showing him the right way to treat friends. Thank you!

Obviously, God took care of it! * is not a bully and his sweet, godly parents took the just like we would have. Thank you, Lord! I am going to better equip my children to take care of these is time this mama bear loosens her grip...God's got His grip on I can release mine!!!


christa said...

It's community baby, with the normal folks. These must be Highland Village people not Flower Mound people because they would have cursed you for correcting their child for any indiscressions. Love you, would love to one day join you there fighting with people, having my kid teased.... can't wait.

Them Chandlers said...

Glad to hear how it turned out :)