Sunday, September 30, 2007

We've Got Spirit...Yes We Do...We've Got Spirit...How about YOU?

Friday was a big day! Jake had his first play date with his whole class at our house! He was so excited! To count down the days, he made a list of all the kids in his class who were coming to the party. He said he would mark them off the list when they arrived. That morning, he asked me if I would have on a purple dress for the party. I don't have a purple dress but he went to the closet to pick out the perfect dress for me to wear (the boys are really into me wearing is really quite funny...I think it is the novelty of it since I am the only girl in the house).

10 kids came to the party and Jake was in heaven. They waited outside for each child to arrive. He would announce to me, "We have a new customer" as each one came inside. It was pretty cute! Mrs. Williams (their teacher) came to the party, too! You would have thought she was a rock star!!! It was so crazy that I forgot to take pictures...but I'm not sure I could have gotten them together long enough to take pictures...they were too busy playing!

That night we went to the new Shops at Highland Village. We were quite disappointed! None of the yummy restaurants were open yet and the "fun activiites" they promoted weren't that great either. So, we went to dinner at Village Grill with our friends the Lasaters. The funny thing was that Will got dressed up (he has this one shirt he thinks is "fancy" is a soccer jersey) because we were going to be with his friend who is very "special" to him...his BEST friend...who is NOT his "girlfriend" but a girl that is his friend. Hmmm? Why doesn't he dress up for the other people? Pretty cute!

We frantically tried to finish Will's project. He was to replicate a store in HV, Lewisville, or Flower Mound. He picked the new Corner Bakery (although it still isn't open yet...ugh!). We tried to make a gingerbread house ourselves but it fell apart. We went to Plan the kit! Here is how it turned out:

After that, we had to paint their faces (since we wouldn't do it the night before b/c there was a long line). Don't they have team spirit?

Will's team is Chaos & Jake's team is the Jaguars. They had fun at their games...neither one won but they looked cute (and they both played hard) so that is all that matters!

This weekend, I sang in Kids' Village (which is so fun). After this morning's services, we went to Southlake to eat at Snuffer's since our new Snuffer's isn't open yet. It is probably a good thing...I still need to lose a few pounds in order to get to my 2007 goals before 2008 begins...I only have 3 months! Yikes! Cheese Fries w/Bacon doesn't really help!


Amanda said...

Your gingerbread Corner Bakery looks awesome! I might have to go there soon. You have been a busy little bee! I talked to Jodi Crawford the other day and she said she got to meet you in HV. Small world!

Them Chandlers said...

A+ on the project! I was disappointed with the restaurants not being open too. However, we did EVERY SINGLE THING they had for the kids. Needless to say, we were there for 3 hours. We had a great time though!

Hopefully see you soon!