Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today is our 8th Anniversary! Yes, that is right. July 25, 1998 we married in Houston, TX at First Baptist Church. How fun!
This morning, I was surprised with a new pair of earrings from Banana Republic (the ones which I briefly told him about last week that I liked...he remembered!!!!) and a card. The boys and I had a fun filled day working out, going to the pool with our "Terrific Tuesdays" group, and doing last minute anniversary errands.
I had a label made for a bottle of wine to commemorate our anniversary and I also made a cake to resemble the top of a wedding cake.
We just got back from dinner at Salerno's (with the kids) and are about to put them to bed. I thought I would post some pictures before we turn down for the evening.
8 great years! 8 crazy years! I am so blessed to have such a loving wonderful husband who is also a PERFECT father for my boys. I'm so glad he let me catch him 8 years ago. I am VERY blessed!
Happy Anniversary, sweet husband!!

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In Training said...

Happy Anniversary To You! I was married in 1998 as well...good year. : )Thanks for sharing your blog.

Trendz Girl said...

Happy Anniversary my sweet Steph. I can't believe it has been 8 years already. I remember when you were having your wedding shower in the Lewisville house. Wow how time passes. I miss you dearly. By the way, Bryson has the same shirt that Will has on. Funny.