Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Favorites & Fun Times

(what is up with that?)

Black Team

Red Team (don't tell him but he looks like Aunt Jamima)
So, my new favorite snack are green peas (roasted & salted). Please do not tell me they are bad for me! I really feel like I found a healthy snack!!! I got them at Sprouts (our grocery store that is like Whole Foods) today. L-O-V-E them!

Now, on to more important things (I should be cleaning but my blog was calling my name). VBS started today!!! My boys were not excited about going this morning. Jake has been going through MAJOR separation anxiety for the past 3 months. On Sunday, he finally went into his class without crying (only because we threatened him with not being able to sleep with his cousins during the sleep over). We were so excited!!! So, today the same threat was given. NO TEARS! Yippee! He went with his group like a champ. He was upset, however, that he wasn't on the red team (b/c red is his favorite color...and his brother got to be on the red team). The boys loved VBS and I was so grateful. I'm praying that they make friends and love going to church from here on out. It is hard to change churches!

When we got home from VBS, Chick-fil-A (of course), and Sprouts, we were greeted by 4 friends in our backyard. Yes, you guessed it...the Vultures were back!!! What are they hanging around for? I've seen more wildlife living out here than I ever saw in my childhood (other than going to the zoo).
Animals I have seen:
1. Vultures
2. Rabbits (tons are in our yard...obviously not right now b/c of #1)
3. Roadrunners
4. Racoons (dead on the road)
5. Opossom (also dead on the road)
6. Snakes (first day we moved in...that was fun)
7. Woodpecker & many other types of birds
...that is all I remember right now.

Also, last night I went to Bunco. The ladies there wanted to know if I would make cakes for them so I said I would. I guess I'll start making cakes for people. That will be a good little side business for me!

That is all for my blog today...my green peas serving is gone. Feel free to make comments!


Pappa said...

I set up a blog @
Pappananna@blogspot and don't know what to do next.
I'm retarded!

Kris said...

LOVE your blog!! Hey, I may go to Thurs 9:30 WW mtg this week bc we're going ot lake friday. If you go, email me - if not, I'll prob just go weigh in and leave. ugh