Friday, July 28, 2006

Gaylord Texan

Yesterday was a busy, fun day! Our friends, Clare & Chase came over to play yesterday while their mommy (Stephanie) went to the doctor. The kids had a blast and I couldn't get them back in the car to take them home. They were busy playing (all 4) and didn't want to be bothered.
After dropping Clare & Chase off, we went to meet Papa (and his work crew) at the Gaylord Texan for a swim and some ice cream. What a treat! Kara taught Will moves to some of the JUMP (children's worship team from SBC) moves. He was in heaven! The boys were pretty calm until the sugar worked it's magic! Wow!
Papa & his crew had to go to VBS at Fellowship church so the boys and I met Jeffrey at Grapevine Mills. Will cried most of the way leaving the Gaylord because, "It's going to be a long time until I get to come back here and I'm going to miss it!". I told him he could save his money and maybe we could spend the night there one night. He asked if we could spend the night there for his birthday.
Jeffrey & the boys ate at Grapevine Mills and then went home. I met some girls there for dinner and then a movie. We went to see "The Devil Wears Prada". Cute movie! Have you seen that reality show on Bravo called "Runway"? Jeffrey and I watched it the night before so the movie took on a whole new meaning!
Whew! I'm tired!

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