Saturday, July 08, 2006

Updates on House 7/8/06

Living Room


I mowed the lawn for the first time today! Doesn't it look beautiful?

Living Room and Kitchen


Updates on House:
Our house is finally starting to look like "ours". We said we wouldn't paint for the first year. That lasted only 2 months. We had to have color! We've done one room at a time and had a hard time picking out color. Jeffrey didn't want "Urban Putty" anymore (our faithful, tried and true khaki). He wanted Orange. Well, we couldn't paint the whole house orange so we compromised. The kitchen is orange and the walls are called "Bosc Pear" by Sherwin Williams.
Last month, we finally put in blinds. We now look "moved in" (after only 8 months).
Sweet Jeffrey worked on the paint while we were gone and stained the fence. He had an "oopsie" and spilled paint on the stairway. That's ok! I didn't like the white carpet anyway! We're going to have to price out different options (I want hardwoods...not sure that's going to happen).
Next room...the Master Bedroom...which I want blue!!!!


Kris said...

WOWEEEEEE!!! You are a SUPERBLOGGER now! 3 posts in one day is excited! I love the pix of your house...if you read back a bit in my blog you'll learn that I left our awesome digital cam in a bathroom in FL. -sigh- recent pix from my end. Keep it proud of you

Richardsons of HV said...

So sad about your camera. Maybe you can get a new one? Don't get the one I have. I'm not a huge fan but that is ok. I have an extra one if you need it until you get a new one!

Pappa said...

This is cool!
Enjoyed "oopsies" pic....been there done that!
Not so sure I enjoyed Steph's's a dad thing!
Your house is beautiful....especially the newly mowed yard.
Love you guys!

Great blogging!

Kristen said...

the home is beautiful, steph! thanks for posting the pictures. we moved into a new house in june and first thing? paint the kitchen orange! just like you... how uncanny is that?? the only other paint we've done is in the master bath... and i'm still not satisfied...