Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday: Saturday

The Cake

The Hosts & Honoree

The table.

Shower today:
I just finished hosting Amy Cooke's baby shower.
The shower was a beautiful party with great food. Erica did a great job with the tea! I went from a sugar high, to a sugar low. I feel better now, that sugar rush was crazy! It was a "real" Brittish tea b/c Erica's husband is Brittish. Scones w/cream & jam, English shortbread, cucumber sandwiches, and many other fancy things.
Amy is due in 6 weeks and doesn't know what she is having. Jeffrey likes to give her ideas of names. He especially likes Leyla and Lola for a girl. There have been no takers so far!

This is the cake I made! Yes, I will make others one...for a fee! I need money for Jeffrey's 40th birthday present!

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