Sunday, November 12, 2006

By The Way...

Just wanted you to know that soccer season is officially over. The boys now have their trophies and our Saturdays are going to be much calmer (well, maybe not with the holidays approaching but we can always dream!).
Jake wasn't able to go to his soccer party last Sunday night because he threw up the night before. We had a "make up" soccer party as a family Wednesday night. He was able to pick what we ate for dinner and we went out for a special dessert (Baskin Robbins) that night.

Will's party was Tuesday night (at Village Grill...our favorite restaurant in Highland Village which we go to way too often). We had a great time but he threw up after the party and was unable to go to school the next day. Aren't you glad you know that info?

Anyway, the boys both had a great season, won most of their games, and made great friends in the mean time!

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Kristen said...

awesome cake. is that one you made?