Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fall Festival and Julie's "Wedding Celebration"

Hopefully not a picture of things to come in their future....

Jake with Olivia...Is she not the cutest???

Me, Kami, & Eileen

So, today was exhausting but fun. It started at 7:45am when I headed to set up for Will's school Fall Festival at the Pumpkin Patch. I was on the "Games & Prizes Committee" (thank you Sara and Angie!). It was FREEZING COLD!! I had 3 layers on plus gloves and a scarf (ok, Melissa...I know it is colder in Iowa but that is why I live in Texas!!).
The Festival started at 11am and it was a great success. The kids had a blast and it was fun seeing everyone.
After cleaning up the pumpkin patch, I got home around 3:30pm. I immediately jumped in the bath (hoping to relieve my aching feet and back) and then got dressed. Julie (my pledge sister from Baylor) got married (eloped) in September and she had her "Wedding Celebration" tonight. Eileen and Kami (college roommates and dear friends) were there too! It was fun seeing them!! I also saw lots of sorority sister and other Baylor Alumni (didn't remember too many names, though...which I blame on lost brain cells due to giving birth to two children!). Jeffrey was TOTALLY bored but did enjoy the 80's cover band (which was great...we need to go to Ft. Worth sometime to hear them again!!).


Kristen said...

y'all look so beautiful! How come I feel like I've been runover by the 33yrold mack truck and y'all don't look a day over 23?!? I mean, shoot, this could have been a glamourous night at George's. Ha!

which Julie's wedding?

Jackson said...

Stephanie, you girls are so gorgeous! What a fun couple of posts. I hope my roomies and I look that good when we're done with all this pregnancy business.

Trendz Girl said...

Steph: I remember you seeing Baylor people everywhere we went. I can't believe you didn't know everyones name there and even kissed a few (did I just write that). Ha ha!! I love you and miss you so very much. Yes it is freezing here. Snow is on the ground..melting though. Hey you never leave me comments on my blog. Shame on you!! Call me today if you can.