Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Is it Christmas yet?"

That is the question that comes from Jake's mouth every morning. We're working on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. When asked yesterday what Christmas was, Jake replied "It's when you get presents!" I wanted to crawl in a hole! That is everything I didn't want him to think it was. I have failed as a mother! redeem my parenting skills we had a discussion yesterday about what Christmas was, why we celebrate it, and why we GIVE presents. It was one of my "teaching moments" that we have in the car. Will and Jake listened to me (b/c they had to...they were trapped in the car) and I thought they understood what I was saying. My parenting license was I thought. Last night while working on our family Christmas canvas, the question was asked again, "Why do we celebrate Christmas, boys?" Jake said, "Because we get presents!" I was crushed once again! Then he and Will spit out some "churchy" words where every answer was "God", "Jesus", "Church"....and so forth and so on. What is worse? The "churchy" words that are regurgitated because they know that is the right answer or the "real" feelings they have toward Christmas...that it is when they get presents. Hopefully, by the time Christmas gets here they will UNDERSTAND (in their heart) the true meaning of Christmas...
Until then...they are excited about the presents!

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Trendz Girl said...

Hey Steph: First of all you are far from failing as a mother. I consider you one of the best moms I know. You are a SUPER mom, one I look up to often. My kids are in the same boat. Bryson knows the meaning of Christmas however I think his first thought is "presents!!" and Ty, he as another year to grasp the meaning. Good Luck and they will know the meaning by Christmas, I'm sure of it.