Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sleepovers, Swimming, Sofas, Starting Problems, Scorpions...and more!

We had a marathon of cousin sleepovers. Ty & Kayli spent the night on Sunday night. Their mom is still recovering from a hysterectomy. On Monday, we met our other cousins a "Open Gym". After that, they came over and we all went swimming. That night, they ALL spent the night (minus Berkley and Graham). Cousin sleepovers are a huge hit at our house! My kids LOVE them!
After riding our bikes, scooter, etc. to the park yesterday, we then went swimming (see picture). So cute!
Last night, all of the cousins spent the night at Sawyer, Chaney, & Berkley's house (poor Amy). So, basically my kids had 3 nights of cousin sleepovers. Needless to say...they are tired!
Jeffrey and I got to go on a date last night! Yippee!!! We went all over town trying to find a new sofa. If you know us...ours gets a lot of use...between the kids, small group, and other get togethers (and it is nasty dirty although we have had it cleaned)...we need something CHEAP & DURABLE (do those two go hand in hand?...don't think so). We didn't quite find the "perfect" one but are getting close. We had a great time and then got a quick bite to eat at Saltgrass before he had to head to bible study. I walked the dog and had a relaxing evening.
This morning, I took Kayli & Ty home (once Amy brought them all to my house). After dropping them off, my car wouldn't start! Ugh! We had the same problem in Colorado but Jeffrey had taken the battery in and they said it was fine...they were not right. Michele's sweet father jumped my car and I promptly took it to Sam's to get a new battery. Thankfully, there was no line.
After that, we went to Old Navy to return things and then got lunch at Cafe Express. I love that place. Don't you hate it when your kids say they are starving and they hardly eat?...that is what happened at lunch. I was quite annoyed but I still enjoyed my yummy salad and iced tea!
Our downstairs A/C has been out since Thursday or Friday. We finally had it fixed (after they had to order a part, etc.) today. Can I tell you how blessed I feel? It was under warranty! Another company told us it would be $1200 to fix it...I called the place that installed it and they fixed it for FREE!! I am overwhelmed...I call that a straight up blessing from God...there is no other way to express it! is the creepy part of the past couple of days...I found a scorpion on my tile near the living room this afternoon!!! I'm not kidding!!! I think it was 1/2 way dead but not sure. I had heard a yelp previous to my discovery from Eli. When I found the scorpion, I was afraid that it had bitten Eli. I took him to the vet for observation. Good signs of a bite! But...he does have ANOTHER ear infection. Ugh! More antibiotics (I think this is his 6th time for various antibiotics...thank goodness for the puppy insurance we saves us big time).
As a family, we are freaked out about the scorpion...they are known to travel in pairs. We're wearing our shoes inside the house. The pest control people can't be here until Friday morning.
Ok...this is all incredibly boring things but I had to write them down to remember the craziness of our day! I'm off to cook dinner....

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