Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Help! I have a new computer!!

Have you missed me? Well, I am now back and somewhat running. Why somewhat, you ask? I have a new computer and it doesn't like me!
Background...2 Sundays ago my sweet husband decided to add memory to my computer. He was dying to get a new one but the sensible side in him said, "Just put in more memory and it will be fine." I'm not sure if it was the "putting in the new memory" or the "vaccuuming out the inside" that did it but...it fried the mother board (I don't really even know what a mother board is but that is what the guy from the Geek Squad said it was). Bless Jeffrey's heart! I really don't think he did it on purpose (although he has been drooling over the new Apple computers for some time now).
So, we bought a refurbished Apple from the Apple site. I have not used an Apple since college and it is giving me fits! Crazy! I don't like change and this is a BIG ONE!
I have pictures to post but I don't know how to get them on the computer...sorry! Maybe I'll learn soon.
I don't have a calendar (because it was on my last computer) so if I miss a scheduled event...sorry!!
I am sort of out of sorts!!
Please be patient...I have a new computer!

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