Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my 34th birthday! Can you believe it? I woke up with my children and husband in my face with presents and cards!! What a great way to start your day!! After I opened the presents to find some cutie pie shoes (black pumps) picked out by my eldest son and a cute dress (brown banana republic dress) picked out by my husband, we were off to CB (our code for Corner Bakery which just opened on Monday) to have some breakfast. Yummy!
I dropped off the boys and headed home to go for a run with Eli! I thought about how I wanted to have some time with God outside enjoying His beauty. When I got home, I found a "surprise" left by Eli in his cage! Ugh! Not on my birthday!!! I put his leash on and headed for the "hills" to run. He threw up twice on my run but I kept running (I know...I'm mean...but he has a weak stomach and just ate something bad). When it started to get a little watery from the other end...I decided it was time to take him to the vet! So, that put me late for my birthday events! I bathed him, bathed myself, and took him to the vet. They let me drop him off (thank goodness) and I was hopeful I would never see him again (just kidding...kind of).
My sweet friend Julie picked me up after I finished getting dressed and we ran to the Nike store to return some things and I got my first tennis skirt! I'm going to drills on Monday...wish me luck!
Then, we were off to Brio in Southlake for lunch. I organized my own birthday lunch. I know that is so way dorky BUT I wanted an excuse to hang out with my friends...all of them. Sharon (my cousin), Julie, Shelly, Jean, and Sara were able to come (others sent their best wishes but couldn't make it) and we had so much fun! Thank you, girls!
Can I tell you how many calls and e-mails I got from my sweet friends (and family) all over the country (even my high school friends)? I am so blessed! Thank you so much for making me feel special on "my day"!!
Last night, we went to Uncle Julio's for dinner after picking up Eli at the vet (who was fine but had just eaten something that made his stomach upset...but who has a double ear infection). Yummy again! Did I say I ran that morning?
Anyway, it was a great birthday! Thank you again for making it so special!


Them Chandlers said...

Looks like you girls had a blast!! Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

k.murphy said...

what a great day! I had no idea - what a great idea to plan your own luncheon...I think I might steal that idea. Happy bday...I miss seeing you!

Amanda said...

I so dropped the ball on sending birthday wishes yesterday! Happy belated birthday! My friend Sunni turned 30 yesterday and celebrated with her hubby at Brio too! I'm glad you had a fun time with your girls. You deserved it!

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

i'm glad you wore sparklies on your birthday and were old enough to stay away from bold prints.

ah hahahahahahahaha

love you!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I can't BELIEVE they played that last night. I wanted to run and HIDE!!!!!! Good to see you too!!