Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick Boy and a Toddler

Jake is sick! He started complaining yesterday (on our way to Will's soccer practice) that he had a sore throat. He said it had started hurting the day before (why didn't he tell me?) I immediately thought, "Strep". Will was the exact same age when he started getting strep throat (and he has had it several times). October is the month when my kids ALWAYS get sick (March is another month). It must be something in the air. Most Halloweens my kids have had fever so we've spent them inside...watching the kids come and go while we sat inside.
We took Jake to the doctor last night and sure enough...he had "strep". Jeffrey said the nurse and the doctor said, "Eew" when they looked in his throat. Poor thing! He inherited getting strep from his mom (I finally had my tonsils out when I was almost 24). So, he is home today and very sad. He wanted to go to "Computer" today (which is the "specials" class for the day). No fever today yet but we'll keep you posted.

I have a toddler in the house. Did you know that? He is 13 months old and is into everything. I can't keep my eyes off of him because he will get into everything! He has to be occupied every second. The object is to wear him out so he sleeps well at night so we spend time going on walks 2+ times a day. He does nap pretty well so that is good. He still tries to wake up around 5:30am but we've managed to keep him in bed until around 6:30am. He can't go past that time because he is ready for his day to begin. Unfortunately, my "toddler" is my dog Eli. I do not have the patience I would if he was another child but lately it feels like we have another child. I wish I would have just had another child...

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Isaac, Kim & Landen said...

Sorry, friend! Strep is not fun!! And WHAT? a toddler in your house? That sounds like my house!! Landen turned 13 months last week.