Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Find out what it means to me!"
Obviously, music is on the brain and I've now officially done way too many posts in one day! Sorry!
I had to "brag" real quick!
This month's Core Value at school is Respect. Guess who got the award for his class? WILL!!! We are so proud of him! He even got a free kids' meal to chick-fil-a which was used very quickly (CFA is a staple food in our home).
Will also got the Hawkeye Award which is awarded to one person from each class who shows kindness, is a good student, etc. each six weeks. Way to go, Will!
If that wasn't enough...he also got the Honor Roll (this is the first year they get that) for this 6 weeks! (He obviously gets that from his dad since his lowest grade was a 97)
AND...Perfect Attendance (which was an even bigger deal to him than all the rest...pretty funny, huh?)!!

Jake did super for his first 6 weeks in school, too! His grades were great, he got all greens for the month (didn't have a color change...a BIG deal to kindergarteners), and also got perfect attendance! Way to go, Jake!

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