Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Own Money

It has been almost 8 years since I've had "my own money". I know...Jeffrey's money is my money and vice-versa BUT I haven't contributed monetarily to the "pot" since Will was born. Thankfully, that has changed!
With helping people through Million Dollar Body, I have been able to make "my own money". I now have my own business account which is SO MUCH FUN! I enjoyed getting my hair done (which costs $120...did you know that? crazy!), buying some new clothes (I love Forever 21!), going to visit my friend Melissa in Iowa, and taking my friends to lunch.
My goal now is to save money to purchase all the Christmas presents this year (Jeffrey has a BIG family so it gets expensive)! Isn't that cool? I am so grateful! I get to do something I love AND help my family out while doing it! It is nice to see work pay off. I now have over 1000 customers that I can help achieve their weight loss goals while they help me do the same (I was able to cancel my $100/month gym membership because I love doing the MDB workout videos at home). Pretty fun, huh?

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Trendz Girl said...

It is amazing that with just a little faith and patience, who would have thought you would have your own business and money coming in???!!!! SO COOL. I am thrilled that you have joined me for this fun journey. We have always wanted to be in business together and now we are. I love talking shop with you and I also love the fact that we get to talk about your boys and life on a daily basis. Thanks friend for having faith in me and the Million Dollar Body opportunity. Love you!!!