Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

We had friends over last night for "Cheap Pizza" and Fun!
Here was me getting ready for the party:(Yes, I am cleaning the toilets. I thought it was appropriate. It really shows who I really am! Hee! Hee!) I am wearing the hat the boys bought me for Mother's Day last year. It is a Disney Princess appropriate. Don't you think?

Here are all the was wild to say the least!!! The boys are dressed as Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker (Jedi from Star Wars...if you didn't know who that was). I made the capes this past summer with my mom. The rest was just put together. Why are they so stinkin' cute?

We were so tired afterwards. I think we went to bed around 9...which felt like 1am! We were out of candy pretty quick this year. Fun times!


Amanda said...

That picture of you cleaning the toilet in your dress just made my day. Ha ha!

Just Us Gibsons said...

i love how you got yourself ready first and then cleaned the toilet! priorities, right!?! kerry