Monday, November 26, 2007

History of Round Top

20 years ago, our family started to go to Round Top. Round Top is a town (population 77) but we call the Round Top Retreat "Round Top". The Retreat started many years ago by Nick & Euphanel Goad. They had a house on some property in Round Top. People would ask if they could come stay at their house to get away from Houston. Maybe they were having marriage problems or stress...they just needed to get away. So, the Goads decided to put another house on the property...and then another...and then finally built the "Big House" (which is approximately 20,000 square feet). They moved to Round Top (from Houston) to run the Retreat full time.
My dad was a Singles' Minister at Houston's First Baptist Church. There were many families who didn't want to go home to family at Thanksgiving or didn't have family to go home to. There were also Single Adults who didn't have options either. So, we began celebrating Thanksgiving at Round Top. There could be up to 150 people for the meal and everyone brought their favorite Thanksgiving "side" to share. We've had so many great memories. Now, the Thanksgivings include the "core" families that started it 20 years ago and there were probably only 50 there this year. We've grown older and still enjoy the nostalgia and peacefulness that Round Top brings. There is always football on the front lawn, football watching in the back room, people enjoying conversations in the dining room or on the front porch in a rocking chair, and relaxation. Oh...and always a movie to go to in Brenham on Thanksgiving night and eating at Royer's on Wednesday night (YUMMY!).
My kids have loved Round Top. Will cried the night before we had to leave. They were the only children there but what fun they had! They couldn't wait to get there this year and are already talking about next year...just like I did 20 years ago!

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keely said...

So fun to spend Thanksgiving together! I miss Royer's and all the Seeligs =)