Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Call me "Coach"

Ok...I know it is a major faux pax to post 4 entries in one day but yesterday was just too crazy not to add this side note.
As you know, Jeffrey is out of town until Friday. Last night, Jake had a soccer game. I was the "snack mom" last night. Picture me with a cooler strapped to my side with a Target sack full of goodies...I was quite a sight. Anyway, when we got to the field, there were only 5 players there and no coach (because apparently the parents scared him off...long story). So, I decided I better step up to coach (since none of the other parents stepped up). One of the other moms (who has twin boys on the team) helped and we fumbled through the game. Is it bad when the coach yells, "Shoot it in the basket!". Oops! I quickly corrected myself.
Jake did great. He had to play pretty much the whole game because the twins didn't want to play very much and we were short 1 player. Poor Jake...he was a trooper (especially since he was tired from a full day of school & swimming at our neighbor's house)!
The parents decided to schedule a soccer practice on Thursday night...I guess I better figure out soccer between now and then if I am going to coach. I did play soccer for 1/2 a season when I was in 2nd grade. I quit 1/2 way through because I didn't like sweating...the outfits were OK, though.

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Them Chandlers said...

I can give you a few tips. Ahem...I lettered in soccer in high school...ha! :)