Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter/Jake's Birthday Pics

Sorry these are late! I guess I've been busy and forgot to post about the resurrection celebration/Jake's birthday...
Jake woke up and found the giant "golden" (as he says) number 5 balloon (see previous post for pictures). He then asked where the pinata was (Eli had eaten it a week prior and we didn't replace it)...poor Jake! Jake loves pinatas!

Easter with boys (& attending the Village Church) looks a lot different than others' Easter Sundays. We went to church Saturday night. My children were dirty (from icing the petit fours) and had on winter was COLD here on sundress was worn by me! We went to dinner that night at Village Grill (surprised?) with Jeffrey's parents (who had gone to church with us and loved it!).
As we ate breakfast at McDonald's on Sunday (Jake's pick...he wanted the new chicken biscuits they have...which he was sadly disappointed because they were not NEAR as good as Chick-fil-a's), I realized that most people buy a Easter outfit and most men wear suits on Easter. Hmmm...very odd...well, I guess I'm the odd one.
We spent the morning together and then I finished icing his birthday cake. Around noon we headed over to Jeffrey's parent's house. All the cousins were there (in their Easter outfits...well, at least the girls). We ate lunch together and then had not one..but 2 egg hunts. We ate cake (and the petit fours Will made for his cousins) until we were sick ( kids DO NOT like my cakes, although everyone else in the world LOVES them).
It was a great day!!! We're hoping to have a birthday cousin sleepover may end up being this summer at this rate. Our lives are TOO busy!!

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Them Chandlers said...

Love Jake's cake!! Great job!