Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Goals

I don't want to call them "Resolutions" but rather "Goals" so here it goes (not in order of importance):

  1. Weigh 125 (I guess Weight Watchers needs me again!)
  2. Write/Research about Etiquette (don't know what that will lead to but am excited about it!)
  3. Have a part time job in the fall (yes, Jake goes to Kindergarten then so I have to do something while he is at school...maybe my eBay business will grow!)
  4. Teach Jake to read & write letters (Kindergarten is calling!!!)
  5. Teach Will to tie his shoes (we've been trying for a LONG time)
  6. Read the WHOLE bible (I'm doing it in Chronological Order...let me know if you want the schedule)
  7. Go to Disney World (this could take a small miracle but I'm still praying!)
  8. Be more organized so I can spend better quality time with my family (i.e. getting my "chores" done in a timely manner!)
  9. Learn to play the guitar (I bought Jeffrey a guitar when we were first married so I decided I'd start using it!)
  10. Be a better wife (that goes without need for explanation)
What are YOUR goals this year? My pastor, Matt Chandler (see link at left or go to iTunes), had a GREAT sermon yesterday about this very thing. It was quite inspirational and a bit of relief. I think I need to listen to it again and again! It helped my weary self know that it is a process (this life of ours) and to keep striving toward the goal (in a non-cheesy, heard it a million times, Chariots of Fire kind of way). Listen to the sermon. It might help you too!


Trendz Girl said...

Hello #11. FINALLY go see my dear friend in IOWA. Let me tell you it will be much cheaper than Disney World.

Great Goals. If you don't have time to get to the gym as much as you want, let me know and I can introduce you to some great home workout videos.

I got a call from Lisa McBride a few days ago and she worried me because I thought she was calling to tell me something happened to one of our friends (it was the way she introduced herself on the phone that gave me this idea). Anyway, she had see Robert on the infomerchial that is running on a bunch of different stations right now. She said that it was quite inspiring.

I miss you. Give me a call soon. I have to update my blog, it is way behind. Never enough time in the day.

Jackson said...

My goals are to:
A) Nag less
B) Be less afraid of everything
C) Look good in a bathing suit for my 5th anniversary trip to Mexico this summer. Ole'!
D) Reconquer the discipline of consistent quiet times

You look awesome by the way and I would never know you didn't already weigh 125!
Love ya,