Tuesday, January 16, 2007

OCD Behaviors...I have them!

I guess I do have obsessive compulsive behaviors.
Here they are:
1. Food. If I find something I like, I want to eat it all the time. For example, we got fondue for this weekend and I've eaten it the past 3 days. I finally had to throw it out because my butt was growing!
2. Blogging. If I get on, I can NOT get off. You almost have to physically pry my body away from my computer.
3. Television. If I sit down, I can't get up. I hear NOTHING around me and have complete tunnel vision. Will has the same problem...poor kid.
4. Books. If I pick it up, I can't laid it down. That is why when I start the Karen Kingsbury books I finish them in a few days!
5. Expedia.com. If I need to find out info on a place to go, I get addicted. I could blame it on my previous career but I really think I just like figuring out where we can go (on a budget, of course).
6. Email. If I need to e-mail one person, it turns into 10. I've sent 42 e-mails out since this morning. Do I have a problem? YES!
7. Parties. If I have one to plan, I can not think of anything else. I check my e-vite page multiple times a day (I'm not going to tell you how many times b/c I don't want to embarrass myself).
8. Bad smells. If I can smell something bad, I can not ignore it. I have to fix it! Potpourri on the stove has been the saving grace since we got Eli.
9. Ebay. If I list it, I must check to see how it is doing...constantly. Will someone buy it? For how much? Should I list more?
10. Weather.com. If bad weather is approaching, I must check the website to know what to wear! I don't think men do that. They don't check to see how cold it is in order to decide what to wear. They wear what they want. Jeffrey is in Kansas and didn't look at how cold it is. It is -1 degrees! He didn't bring a heavy coat and is freezing.

Obviously, the whole computer/internet thing is adding to my OCD behaviors. Maybe I should limit my time (but then I would just run to the TV or a good book)? I think I just need to pray for deliverance!

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