Sunday, January 28, 2007

Family Worship Night

Last night started our neighborhood "Family Worship Night" at the Rochelle's. They graciously asked us to join them. Once a month, a few families from our neighborhood will join together for dinner, singing, and worshiping...with our kids. Since we don't get to be with our kids at church, it is a great way to teach them about our faith and have friends to share with. It is also great for the adults.
Last night we watched the Nooma video about "Rain". It was so good and I really think the kids got some of what it was about (in between the giggling, wrestling, silence when asked a question, etc.). I think they felt a little awkward last did the adults. Why is it so hard to share about how we feel about God and we can talk about ANYTHING under the sun with great ease?

(Picture from Halloween of most of the kids)


Them Chandlers said...

Steph - I LOVE it! Hopefully it will get a little less awkward! What an incredible idea :)

BTW...Katie Holmes is way cute! are definitely hotter than Melissa Joan Hart

Jackson said...

What a cool idea! I agree with Lauren, you are hotter than MJH. But I would've taken her over Tony Danza! Ha! Didn't you think she was too cute in Clarissa Explains it All? I really wanted to be her.