Friday, January 19, 2007

What those pictures mean to me... we go...
Holly Hobby...had cake for my birthday (I think 6th) made by my mom...amazing!
Dukes of Hazard...totally watched it
Love Boat...favorite on Saturday night
Pleasure Island...had to go to bed b/c church the next morning so I didn't get to watch it
Grease...had the 45s and knew EVERY word to first drive in movie Physical...danced to that song so many you remember the video???
Shoe laces...had one purple and one pink on my pink converse high tops...sylin'!
Star Wars figures...JM had some & I wanted to be Princess Leah (sp?)
Simon...LOVED that game
Sandals...totally had those and loved them (those and my Jellies)!
Swing set...had that when we lived in Houston on Knickerbocker Lane
Donnie & Marie...I TOTALLY had those dolls and I watched that show all the time; I so wanted to be Marie!!! I even had the stage!!
Cassette player...that is the one John Mark got for Christmas in 1980 with his Kenny Rodgers tape (I got a tape player too with Anne Murray...jealous?)
Strawberry Shortcake...can still smell that smell in my mind (didn't watch the show too much...John Mark made me watch He-Man; She-Ra; Transformers, etc.)
Fun times~


Kristen said...

i remember riding my bike in my neigbor's driving trying to juggle listening to the OakRidge boys on my tape recorder. It took a beating, but I sure did love it. Remember how hard it was for little fingers to push down the orange record button?

Kristen said...

neighbor's *driveway