Monday, January 01, 2007

Emerging from the Rubble Called Christmas

Yes, I am bah humbug through Christmas. It is a constant struggle the whole month! I feel beat down 99% of the time. An inner battle goes on within me to keep "Christ" in Christmas while being trampled on by all the craziness. I always lose but I am up again. ("...I get knocked down, but I get up again. Your never going to keep me down" Chumbawamba...remember that song).
So, I'm back. Have you missed me?

Not only Christmas madness but "Puppydom" about put me into a mental institution. I became "Yelling Mom". You know the one who yells at her kids at the slightest thing? No, I am not proud but I am praying THAT mom leaves and the real me (the rested, relaxed, redeemed me) returns. I shopped with my kids today and I do believe I am back. No yelling took place.

The boys and I went to Houston on the Thursday before Christmas to see the "Crazy Christmas Show" at Second Baptist Church. The boys loved it and Will has definitely decided he wants to be a Famous Dancer when he grows up (Jeffrey is a little nervous about that). My parents drove us back and we celebrated Christmas with Jeffrey's dad and 1/2 sister Lacey with the rest of the clan. We spent Christmas Eve with my parents by going to church, a movie, and dining that night on yummy tamales.

Santa brought Will a Nintento DS and Jake a CARS race track (which broke and we had to return...good job Santa!). After breakfast we went over to Jeffrey's parents house and
spent the day there (I think there were at least 25 of us over there!!!). This Saturday was our last "Christmas" as we celebrated with Jeffrey's immediate family. So, Christmas is FINALLY over and I have emerged from the rubble. It is good to be back!


Kristen said...

I missed you, I missed you! I checked every day just in case you'd reappear! I got a photo card from Corey this year -- haven't heard from her in a while so their second baby, Holland, was news to me!

Happy New Year and good luck with your goals!!

Jackson said...

Those Second Baptist dancing girls make me want to be a famous dancer too! I missed you and checked on you every day like Kristen! By the way, having a puppy drove nearly sent me to the pysch ward too.

Them Chandlers said...

Hey! The girl (in red) in that picture with the boys..who is she? She looks so familiar. She looks like this girl that I was in Baptist All-State choir with. Weird.