Friday, January 12, 2007

I have a 7 year old!!!

Not that I am old enough to have a 7 year old (hee! hee!) but I do!! Will turned 7 on January 10th. This is a picture of him in the spotlight (which he totally enjoys...just like my side of the family).

On the 9th, we went to a family dinner at Pazzo's and then returned home with balloons and presents. Will got Heelys (tennis shoes with a roller on the bottom...they are really BIG with kids these days!) and a case for his Nintendo DS (which he is grounded from until today). He was so excited!!!

On Wednesday (his actual birthday), we had a big breakfast and drove him to school. For lunch, Jake and I brought him Chick-fil-A. He was precious in his birthday hat his teacher had given him. Later, Jake and I picked up his "Cupcake Cake" from Target and took it to school (parents aren't allowed at the school party & it has to be store bought...don't get me started on that subject!). The cake was precious!!!
...Well, let's backtrack...Will wanted a "Cars, Mario (Nintendo), Pokemon Party". I don't know if you know this but there is no such thing. I had to search high and low to find all three. Thankfully, Target had all three (although, I never found all three for party supplies). They put them on one cake (while I'm sure thinking I was a crazy person in the process).

After school, my friend Jean and I drove all 7 kids (plus Emma & Jake) to my house, got them a snack, and then drove them to Interskate Roller Rink. Will's cousins met him there (which makes up 1/2 a party in sheer number alone). They had so much fun (mostly falling). broken body parts!!

Mimi (Jeffrey's mom) made the cake for the birthday party. As you know, I make yummy cakes and have ALWAYS made their birthday cakes. This year Will wanted Mimi's ice cream cake. What? He didn't want me to make a Cars, Mario, Pokemon Cake???? I was heartbroken (even though I LOVE Mimi's cake, too). I must sure was a lot less stressful for me!!
After driving the kids home, we came home and Will opened his presents. He was so grateful and said he had the best birthday ever!!!

Jake didn't last long...

Birthday Friends...

Jeffrey Covering Berkley's (Will's youngest cousin) mouth so she won't blow out the candles.

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