Wednesday, January 24, 2007


People warned me.
I didn't listen.
I thought:
"It won't happen to me."
"I can handle it."
"It'll be Jeffrey's dog so I won't have to do anything."
"The kids are old enough."
"My carpet is already ruined."
...and on and on.

Those are the things I said to myself before we got a puppy. Then we got Eli.

Never did I think...PUPPY = NEWBORN BABY. For those of you who knew me during the "newborn stage" of my children, know I do not like that stage and it makes me very grumpy (just ask Jeffrey...that is why we don't have a 3rd child).

1. My puppy poops in his cage. Yes, I KNOW!!! Dogs don't poop in their cage. Mine does!!
2. He also likes to attack my children with his puppy teeth. There are holes in their pajamas & body parts.
3. He likes to escape my backyard. Today I thought I was smarter than he is. I went to Lowe's and bought 8 bags of Pine Bark. We need them for mulch soon anyway so I thought I'd line them along the fence. Let's just say...I need 6 more. Not more than 2 seconds was that puppy across the street visiting his friend Pebbles (he's very social...just like me).

So, we have Eli in puppy school which has helped (this week we'll start with the escaping part and see what we can learn) and yes...he WAS the cutest one in his class.
He has only pooped in his cage 1 time since Thursday (although I feel stranded in my own house and can't leave for more than 3 hours!) after visiting with the "Head Trainer" at Petsmart (when you have a special dog you get special treatment...well, actually no one else knew what to do with him!). He is also on new food. Blue is the brand and it is healthier than we eat (ingredients include: flax seed oil, green tea extract, whole brown rice, organic sweet potatoes, etc.). His pooping has lessened since we switched from Science Diet.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the biting, pooping, & escaping? I'd love some hints. Thank you for letting me vent. I needed an outlet....


Kristen said...

How big is his cage/crate? It might be too big if he still finds places to poop in it. Our yuppy puppy eats Nutro which I thought was healthy until I read what yours is on. It must be a pretty penny? I aslo heard Royal Canin is good, but can be hard to find... We don't have a fenced yard, so lately I've been going out with my dog with treats in hand so he will come back to me promptly after doing his biz. Food ranks #1 in my dog's mind as far as rewards go. Otherwise it sounds like you can't leave your dog unattended outside. Boo!

Good luck!

Kris said...

Hmmmm, my solution is not what you want to hear. JOKING. I'm tellin ya, a rescue dog is the way to go...I havent had a puppy stage in 20 yrs! But, you'll get it under control...AMy and I decided when someone wants to buy a puppy, its like having a firstborn - there is NO way to explain to that person what they are getting into until they are in the middle of it. You crack me up...good luck, my friend

Them Chandlers said...

Two words. Dog Whisperer.

Have fun :)

Jackson said...

Stephanie, I feel really bad for you. I did not handle Beckham's puppy stage well either and we didn't even get him until he was 13 weeks old. I second Kristen on the cage-too-big thing. Beckham grew out of most of his bad habits by his first birthday. I hope Eli will too - and sooner!

Kristen said...

I like Them Chandlers suggestion of the Dog Whisperer. I LOVE that show and I've never seen him with a puppy. Always old dogs learning new tricks. It might be just the show he's looking for! Give him a shout!