Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snowed In...Bare Refrigerator!

Yep, it is snowing! As I took the dog out this morning at 6am (for the 5 time since I 9:30pm...a BAD night), I realized there was something on the ground that wasn't there earlier...SNOW! I checked all the TV stations for closings. After 30 minutes, Lewisville ISD was finally on the TV station website...and then the TV. So, I crawled back in bed. Will woke up at 7am and was worried because I hadn't gotten him up yet. I told him there was no school. He was kind of sad because he misses his friends (he was sick yesterday and Monday was a holiday). Jake woke up shortly thereafter and we all snuggled in my bed.
I didn't go to the grocery store last night because I was going to go this morning (we were supposed to have playgroup at our house). So...our refrigerator is bare! Looks like PB & Js will be fed today! Hope it gets better so I can go to the store. I'm craving Chick fil A!!!


Them Chandlers said...'s a good thing you can survive for days on PB&J! :) Have fun playing in the snow!

Them Chandlers said...

Yes. She got out in the snow. My dad came over and made a makeshift sled from a large tupperware lid! All was rosy until she slipped and fell on her bare hands. She came inside and cried, "that was a bad idea!" Ha! She's so funny. Chick-fil-a is close...however, I've had it too many times this week.

Trendz Girl said...

Snow Snow,you should see out 7 inches of snow up here. Bryson has been using his snow board and he is actually really good. I had no idea! I put Ty on it and he was able to go down a small hill. He loves the snow until his little fingers start to hurt inside his mittens. No school canceling here. There was a 2 hour delay so they could plow and sand. I guess that is Iowa vs Texas. Of course we do not have the ice here. Take care and hopefully you made it to the store by now.