Saturday, March 17, 2007

Alexy & Natasha

A year and a half ago we had some special guests stay with us. It was in the church bulletin: "Host homes needed for visiting Russians". I had the weirdest inclination that we should host a couple...a calling from God, I guess.
So, we called Spoken For (a ministry that helps orphans in Penza, Russia and around the world) to tell them we would be a host home. Little did we know the experience we would never forget awaited us.
We met them late one night at DFW Airport. They had just travelled 24 hours (12 by train and 12 by air). They were exhausted...and spoke little English. We fumbled through the introduction and found out they had left 3 boys at home...the first time away from their children. Thankfully, they were used to boys...otherwise, I'm not sure they would have survived our home.
For 2 1/2 weeks they stayed with us. We would ask them what life was like in Russia and introduced them to our favorites (they liked Chick Fil A & Target). We were humbled by how "easy" our life is in comparison to theirs (she cooks ALL DAY LONG). We were also brought into check about how ABSOLUTELY frivolous the life we lead is. Wow! It has changed me forever!
The boys became especially attached to Alexy & Natasha. We were all sad when they left.
We have friends who have recently adopted a little girl from Russia, the Macdonalds. They have brought us gifts both times from Russia that Alexy & Natsha sent including Russian chocolates & the Nesting Dolls.
We got a call late last month from Alexy. He left a message saying he was going to be in Texas March 8th! He was travelling with the Broken Dancers group from Spoken For and would be here two weeks. He isn't staying with us (because we live in Oklahoma...just kidding) but Jeffrey got to go see him today at Grapevine Mills while the dancers performed. The boys and I had to stay home due to various illnesses on the home front but are hoping to get to see him before he returns to Russia.
Jeffrey took gifts for Alexy to take home. Our boys picked out gifts especially for their boys...Star Wars Light Sabers (of course) and Matchbox Cars. I picked out yummy, girlie lotions, etc. for Natasha (she is VERY girlie and loves that kind of thing...oh, she loves SHOES too! girl stuck in a boy world...we have a lot in common).Doesn't this picture look like my life????
We're hoping to go visit them in two summers. Better start making more cakes to save for that trip, too...

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