Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baseball Practice...with Papa!

Well, it happened. Another miracle/blessing that God granted me...My dad being able to play baseball with my boys. Papa (my dad) came into town on Monday for a short visit. When Will got off the bus, he was so excited to see Papa (although a little distracted by Eli's haircut...Will, like his mother, is not a fan of change).
When Papa was sick, I pleaded for his life with God. "Just give him some time to get to play baseball in the yard with my boys", I cried. All of these memories that "wouldn't get to be" flashed in my mind when he was sick...this was one of them.
The boys went outside to play baseball. Until a few months ago, Jeffrey would beg the boys to go throw the ball around and they never wanted to. Now they really enjoy it and both want play in the yard with us. I'm sad to say, this was prompted by a video game they enjoy called "Mario Baseball". That game taught them how to play and now they like to play. You have to gloss over the fact that they like to be Mario characters when playing. I chalk it up as creativity...anyone can be on the Astros or Rangers. Not everyone can say they are on Luigi's team?


Kristen said...

i love that these things you thought would never happen are happening and that you are documenting them. what a Blessing!

Donna Metzger said...

Stephanie what a great memory for you and your family. Its so great to see your Dad playing with his grandkids!