Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ugly Cake Company

That is the new name of my cake "business". Don't you think that is perfect? We've established that I am NOT an artist (i.e. the mermaid cake) but my cakes taste good...REALLY good (and I'm not saying that in a braggy family has confirmed that they are REALLY good..OH, NO!...What if my family is like those families who say their kid really can SING and encourage them to try out for American Idol to which they completely embarrass themselves on national television?).
So, I've decided instead of feeling bad that my cakes are ugly, I'm going to embrace it. Yes...they are ugly...but does that matter? Isn't the taste the most important part?


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

They are not ugly!!! But I like the name and the idea. I will raise my hand and testify that they are some kinda good!

Them Chandlers said...

I think they're WAY cute!! And yes they are DELICIOUS! I had some of the cake from the baby shower....Mom, who is a cake snob, kept going on and on about your cake! She loved it :)

the Clarks said...

Stephanie, they're not ugly at all. They are so good! As someone who has attempted to write and decorate with icing, I appreciate your handiwork & I have to say, I'm impressed! :)