Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Update

These are the pictures Jake took this weekend starting on Friday morning. I think it is funny to see life through Jake's eyes. Some of these pictures I took (I'm sure you can tell which ones...well, I hope you can tell).
Here is what went on this weekend for us...PLEASE don't feel like you have to read!!!
Friday, we went to the vet for Eli's 6 month check up (so I thought). On our last visit, the doctor said we needed to come back in 6 months...I thought she said when he was 6 months. I felt like an idiot. It was good, however, that we went because Eli has a staff infection. After the office visit fee, medicine, 6 months supply of heartworm meds & flea meds, the total was...$216. I'm not kidding! I swear I spend more on that dog than myself!!!
After Eli's doctor, we went to my doctor. I still had laryngitis and was convinced I had something worse because I had spent the past week sick. The boys were with me so that is always an interesting adventure. They were very good although Jake dropped my camera and it didn't work for a day. When that was over, we went to lunch w/Joy and her boys. If you have ever experience going to lunch (at Celebrity, mind you, which is a girlie place) with 4 boys, you have a pretty good idea how it went. We apologized the whole way out of the restaurant. They weren't bad and were much better than they were 1 or 2 years ago. No spills this time (there is always a spill when those 4 get together) but they ARE boys. Then, we went over to Joy's house so the dogs (they have a new Goldendoodle who is 4 months old and is as big if not bigger than Eli) could have a "playdate". They had a great time (and so did the boys). For even more adventure (I know...I packed EVERYTHING into one day...I was tired of being sick at home!!), we took all 4 boys to Putt Putt where they hit balls at the batting cages and rode go-carts.
That night (after going to dinner at Village Grill...are you surprised?, going to Blockbuster to get Star Wars II, playing basketball in the front yard, going for a walk with the Krahls, and cleaning the upstairs), my mom came into town and my dad surprised us! We knew she was coming but didn't think he would get to come. It was a great surprise!
On Saturday, we had a late breakfast at Chick fil A and then went to Southlake to pick out carpet...yes...I am getting closer to having new carpet (for those of you who have been to my will be grateful, I'm sure, to not have to walk on the paint). After an hour at the carpet store, we headed to Town Square to shop & eat lunch at Snuffer's (no, I did not say we ate healthy this weekend). Will's game was at 3:30pm. Can I tell you how great he played? Oh, my goodness...I think it was because his friend Bryson was on the other team and there was motivation to do well. Not ready to go home quite yet, we headed to South Oak Cliff to see Jeffrey's new Carnival store. It was great!!! Since we were down south, we decided to eat dinner at Monica's in Deep Ellum...yum!!! My uncle, Shawn, Corianna, and her new fiance met us there. As if we hadn't eaten bad enough that night, I made Jake a "pre-birthday" cake (see picture...yes, that is a light saber sticking from the center of the cake). Papa had an icing "war" with the boys. I think the picture was accidentally erased with the icing all over his face. The boys thought it was pretty funny.
Yesterday, we went to church and then had lunch at Luby's. It was so good! In the afternoon, we started painting my room. I'll post pictures when it is done.
Spring Break is over. Will, Jake, and I are sad.


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

We were in Southlake at that exact same time. I'm so sad we didn't run into y'all! So do you really think Eli had a staph infection or do you think they were taking y'all for a ride? It's amazing how much money you can spend really fast at the vet. We are very lucky that Beckham hasn't had to have anything surgically removed from his stomach yet. Knock on wood.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I HEART LUBY'S! I grew up on that amazing food! I EVEN have the cookbook, only really for the desserts though! My favorite is the Chocolate Icebox Pie! :) YUUUMMMY!

Kristen said...

What a southern sunday - church + luby's!

We didn't get to paint at my house this weekend, too busy with photography, but I want to know what colors you chose for your room. I'm having such a hard time making these decisions...