Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Million Dollar Body

Ok...don't get excited! I do NOT have a "Million Dollar Body" but one of my "goals for 2007" was to weigh 125. MOST days I am around 129 but I'm still not to 125. So...I've got to get moving!
Let me give you some background...
One of my best friends (who lived across the street from me at my first house and who has a son 11 days younger than Will), Melissa (pictured above with me 2 summers ago...when I was REALLY skinny), moved away to Iowa 3 years ago. I was devastated. How could she? Anyway, we've remained friends (although her patience has wained from me not coming to visit her...I promise...I'll be there when it gets WARMER!).
Her husband, Robert, bought some videos from an infomercial a year ago. They came to visit us last March and he looked amazing. It was all from these videos he bought. He had such a transformation that the company really took notice of him. Last December, the company flew them to L.A. (which they paid for them to stay at the Beverly Wilshire...a dream come true for Melissa). They provided them with a business opportunity: Million Dollar Body. The company (Beach Body) had the videos but really wanted to help their clients with the whole package: accountability, exercise, and nutrition. They developed Million Dollar Body and wanted Robert & Melissa to help get the company started.
Melissa called me after their trip so excited!!! I was a little skeptical. I can't tell you how many people try to get me to do a home based business: Mary Kay, Arbonne, Kera Vita, Southern Living...I could go on and on. I guess it is my personality. Jeffrey and I decided, however, that I would not sell things to my friends.
I sweetly told Melissa I wasn't interested even before she had a chance to explain what the company was all about. weight issue kept creeping up and I saw Melissa's transformation the past couple of months. I told her how proud I was of her and she told me how the "business" was doing. She told me to "check out" what she was doing. So I did! The best part...she doesn't sell anything to her friends!!! Yippee! She coaches people to eat better and cool is that? She now coaches 800 people and is loving it!
Million Dollar Body is exactly what I was looking for: accountability ( I need that? Uh, yeah!), exercise (I was getting bored at the gym and it was hard to get there sometimes), and nutrition (the cheese fries last weekend about put me over the edge). I'm going to be a coach, too! I'm going to help people just like me achieve their goals while achieving mine at the same time...encouraging one another. AND I don't have to sell anything to my friends!!! Yippee!
Million Dollar Body is giving away $1,000,000 (hence the name) this year. For FREE, anyone (yes, that is YOU) can log in your workout for the day (walking, running, weights, or whatever) and be entered in a daily drawing of $300-$1000 PER DAY. We're working out anyway (well, some days) so we might as well get a perk!!! I've been logging in some of my workouts since January and it really is easy. I haven't been the winner but I still have many more chances. You, too, can enter by clicking on this and then where it says "Play the Million Dollar Body Game". It's REAL easy (even I figured it out!). Aren't you glad I'm not going to try to sell you anything?????


Them Chandlers said...

You go girl!! I actually went to the gym today for the first time in a month!! Yay :)

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

That's awesome! Your page is great! I wondered if you were going to have a pic of yourself in a bikini. :)