Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Engagement Anniversary!!!

Today marks the 9th year anniversary of the day we got engaged. I know...kind of funny to celebrate but it was a very special engagement.
Here is how it went down...I worked for Sports Travel and was gone a lot for the Spring Break skiers. Jeffrey was gone (as usual) in New York for his job (he worked for Arthur Anderson in Business Consulting...not accounting). We hadn't seen each other in a while. We planned to go to San Antonio on Thursday night for a little get away since we hadn't seen each other in a while. My boss was reluctant to let me off (little did I know that my dad made a call to him and told him that he REALLY needed to let me off so I could get engaged). I got home late on Wednesday night. Jeffrey wanted me to run by his apartment on the way home to mine because he said he had something there for me. I found the Ann Taylor box and opened it. It was a beautiful black dress & black sweater. So sweet! He told me it was for me to wear to my friend's wedding on Saturday.
On Thursday, I was sitting at my desk when I received a FedEx envelope. I opened it and there was a note inside. It read:

Official Change of Plans Notice!

Date: 3/19 (That is today)

Flight: 744 American Airlines

Departs DFW 5:31pm

Locator: QACUMG

E-Ticket for you.

Park at Gate!

I can't wait to see you!

Clark Kent

(PS You can still make your wedding on Saturday)

What a fun surprise, I thought. New York!!! So, I ran home to pack and drove to the airport. I flew First Class (yes, I am spoiled...but he used Frequent Flier miles...he had 1,000,000 of them!) and he met me in New York.
I said over and over how fun the surprise was and Jeffrey blew it off saying, "I had a free place to stay and free frequent flier miles...it is no big deal!"
The next morning, Jeffrey went into the office to work a while I slept in. He came to get me and we walked to get lunch at a deli. We walked to Central Park and ate on a huge rock. I ate mine and then offered to finish off Jeffrey's. He didn't eat much. Hmmm? (Little did I know what was coming up).
We started talking and he handed me a note he had written. He had written it 3 years prior (long before he knew me) at Frontier Ranch (a Young Life Camp). It was written to his wife and described all the characteristics she would have and the relationship they would have. It described us perfectly. I told him how weird it was that it described us. As I was talking, he pulled out a engagement ring. What? When did he get that?
Right then and there...on the rock in Central Park...he asked me to marry him!!!!
We spent the rest of the afternoon in a fog. We couldn't believe we were actually engaged. He told me of all the "behind the scenes" things that had gone on to pull the engagement off...how he had flow to Houston to ask my dad for my hand, how my boss almost didn't let me go , etc...and started to make wedding plans.
That night we went to eat at Remi and saw Phantom of the Opera. We were still in a daze...in shock that we were actually going to get married.
The next morning we flew home. When we arrived at the airport, my parents and grandparents were waiting at the terminal. I was in shock! Jeffrey had told me we were going to drive to Houston to surprise them. Little did I know...they were there to surprise me!
We all went over to Jeffrey's parents' house for lunch. It was great!
So...that is the story. That is why I love this day so much! Isn't it romantic?
Ok...I'm off to clean the toilets....


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

i told peter we were celebrating our engagment anniversary and our dating anniversary and he laughed at me. :)

the Clarks said...

We celebrate our engagement anniversary too & just had ours on Saturday. I'm glad we're not the only ones! It's fun to remember the time when romance was new and a top priority. *sigh* I loved your engagement story. OK, now off to scrub the floors. lol!

Kristen said...

Awe, how sweet! Thanks for posting your engagement story. I certainly did not know all the details. Soo romantic! Don and I still celebrate our engagement date, too. While it was supposed to be on Valentines day, a high tech acquistion of netfish spoiled it all. The real event happened 3/3 at my going away party in front of all my friends the night before we left nashville headed for beantown. Little did I know the next day on the road would be filled with so many tears of sadness leaving my best friend, sally, and so much snow it was a complete white out blizzard that made the 17 hour trip 21 hours. Oh, the things we do for love!
Now... of to clean out my closets!

Them Chandlers said...

Wow!! I am so proud of Jeffrey - how smooth :) Thanks for sharing that story!

Bobbie said...

No, you don't know me but I stumbled across your blog and I have to tell you this story is great! What an engagement, and it's no wonder you celebrate it. What a wonderful story.