Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thank you, Papa!

This is the kids' Christmas present from Nana & Papa. It only took Jeffrey 3 FULL Saturdays to put it together (I'm sure he wasn't saying "thank you" during that time). So, it is up and ready to use. Last night we had the Murphys, Cookes, and Veras over for dinner (don't get excited...I didn't cook...we had pizza). The kids couldn't WAIT to play basketball together...and the adults couldn't wait to join in. Fun times!!


Kris said...

great picture!!! We had so much fun...thanks again for the great night

Trendz Girl said...

Looks like fun..Where was my invitation?? The weather looks awesome, I can't believe the kids are in short sleeves and shorts and that little girl is in a sun dress. I am still pastey white and in snow clothes. YUCK. I want to move back.