Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tom Sawyer's Island is 102

In "Disney-speak", that means that Tom Sawyer's Island is back and running. We had to close it a lot due to the lightening in the area. As if the outfit wasn't embarrassing enough, I ran into a high school friend (who was attending the Naval Academy and I had dated) while driving the raft. I felt like a complete idiot! Wranglers were never a good match for these "child bearin'" hips! And WHY were high waisted things so popular? It is NOT a good look for me all around... but it was fun!!!
Is it bad that Tour Guide Mike (the website that tells you all the ends and outs of Disney World...what to see, do, etc.) didn't mention Country Bear Jamboree OR Tom Sawyer's Island as anything remotely interesting to do? I thought they were "cool" rides. They weren't at the The Jungle Cruise level of coolness but they were right up there!


Them Chandlers said...

Where can I get a pair of those hot shorts???? :)

Bobbie said...

Disney's not known for great costumes. ;-) I worked at WDW for 5 years (2 at Adventureland/Liberty Square) Oh, the memories.