Thursday, August 02, 2007

1st Trip to the Emergency Room

(Brave Guy!!!)
(Jeffrey applying medicine to wound)

We have officially completed the inauguration of parenting boys by our first visit to the Emergency Room! Tonight, Jake fell off his bike and it (we think the handle bar) sliced his nostril. Poor guy!
We headed to the Urgent Care by our house (thanks to the referral by the Masons who have visited there several times).
Jake was a major trooper! He didn't cry one time while we were there (and neither did mom and dad...which was a major feat!)! We had to apply a medication every 5 minutes to numb the area...otherwise, he would have had to had major shots or be put under anesthesia (an option that made us a little nervous). The medicine worked and he was stitched up (we think 4 total) in about 5 minutes (after the hour to apply the medicine).
So, for 5 days he has to lay activity (I guess I will finish Lauren's tag since I'll be cooped up in the house). Did the doctor not notice he is a BOY? Thankfully, there are several movies out at the theater that we haven't seen...
(Will watching TV...he didn't want to see the blood.)

(Jake with the sucker after receiving the stitches. He has a scratch on his cheek, too. )

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Isaac, Kim & Landen said...

The joys of motherhood!! Jake looks like he was very brave!! Poor little guy!