Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In the Attic

That is where my college transcript was. It has been over 9 years since I have needed that thing! In the box was: old resumes, apartment brochures from Nashville (yes KBR...isn't that funny?), A cover letter written from Eileen to a company, the business plan that won me the Entrepreneur Award in college, my wedding dress receipt, my diploma (still in the box...no, I haven't had it framed yet), and other random things...
Since Jake is going to school, Jeffrey has informed me that I need to get a "j-o-b". (I had to spell it out...because it is a bad word!...just kidding!) He said it lovingly...he knows I will get depressed and call him a million times a day because I'll be bored (home-body I am not)! I am thinking of getting my real estate license and also substitute teaching (along with the Million Dollar Coaching I am currently loving doing). So, I had to find my transcript to take to the administration building along with my application.
Are you dying to know my grade point average? 3.158 (is that a 3.2?...do you round those up?) Studying wasn't my thing...if I didn't know it by 10pm, I wasn't going to learn it (I've always required a lot of sleep)...was my motto.
It is really weird applying for a job after 7 1/2 years of not working in the "real world". My life is totally changing...and I don't do well with change. So, if you see me on August 27th(first day of school)...just walk away...I will be the one with swollen, tear filled eyes...filling out her application for her J-O-B.


Kristen said...

hilarious about finding all those old things. nothing like a box of momentos to bring back a flood of memories. good luck with the
j-o-b hunt!

i miss you, friend!

thosetonnes said...

You almost have a 3.2 that is awesome, better than me. You are going to do great at a new job! And I am a homebody too and try not to call Matt about everything. Sometimes I call too many times, but I am working on only calling like once a day!