Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pictures and Pinkies

It has been a few days since my last, here is the latest:
On Wednesday, I met Tarrah to pick up our new painting (which was our anniversary present to ourselves). It is amazing! Adam is so talented (Tarrah's husband who did the painting)! We love it! Here is a picture of it:
Adam is the graphics design guy at our church. He does amazing work! We've been wanting him to do a painting for us for a while. We are love what it says, too...

Wednesday night, we went to a CD release party for Jeff Johnson. Little did we know, Adam did the graphic design work for Jeff's new CD. Isn't that cool?

Friday night was High School Musical 2 Cousin Sleepover at Mimi's house! Huge deal! Anticipated by all in attendance!! All the cousins spent the night and had a blast...they were worn out when we picked them up. Jeffrey and I had a date night so we went to see Stardust. It was a really good movie...kind of like a new Princess Bride...but not quite as funny. On Saturday, we went to breakfast and did a little shopping (yes, we are still looking for a couch) before picking up the kids.

Side story: On our way to pick up the kids, Jeffrey mentioned something about Jake going to school. I burst into tears and cried for 15 minutes! I can't stand the thought of my kids going to school in 1 week. I hope I'll be able to pull it together by then.

Last night, after singing in Kid's Village, I met Jeffrey & the Mason family at Taco Cabana. The kids were playing on the porch area while we visited on the other side of the window. Jake tried to come in the restaurant and his hand stuck in the door! I thought, "He's ok". But, he kept crying...hysterically! This is the child who cried for maybe 5 minutes when he split his nostril...something was definitely wrong. So, we all ran to the car and took off to our new favorite place...Rapid Med (an emergency room type place by our house)...where Jake had his stitches. We called to warn them we were on our way. Jake was hysterical the whole way there and even when we got there. I kept apologizing for him saying, "he never cries like this...he is very brave." They gave him some medicine to help with the pain and he calmed down. After x-rays they found that he had a broken pinkie. Isn't that sad? They had to drain the blood from his thumb and then wrapped up his hand in a splint. We have to go back on Tuesday to see if it is for sure broken. If it is...he will have to get a cast! It is his RIGHT HAND! He starts kindergarten in a week...and that is where they learn to write! Yikes! We're praying he doesn't have to get a cast.
Mimi & Pops came to pick Will up at the emergency room and took him home. He thought he was so cool getting to stay at their house by himself.
Jake isn't in pain today and we are grateful. The joys of having boys!!!
(Ice Cream was needed after being at the emergency room...poor thing!!!
The flavor was Anniversary Cake Ice Cream by Blue must try it!!)


Kristen said...

that's a hilarious picture. i LOVE his expression. it's such a sad story, though. i think my RJ is quite brave and tough, too. it will be hard to tell if she really is in pain one of these days.

top speed recovery, jake!

Isaac, Kim & Landen said...

Sweet Jake!!! Is that family emergency center in your fave five?? Keep me updated!! And I will be praying for you as you transition!!! I'm right there with you...(daycare for the first time..tomorrow!) Try to enjoy this week with your boys (instead of dreading the 27th).

Amanda said...

Bless his heart! Well, if he has to wear a cast to kindergarten he will probably be even more endeared to his teacher. I'm sorry your baby's going to school!

Liz said...

thanks for posting on my blog!
i feel bad that i found yours a few weeks ago and was too shy to post! i'm realizing now (i'm fairly new to blogging) thats its okay to say hi to people!
(i felt like a spy!)
i have so enjoyed reading your entries...i feel like i can relate to so many of your stories.
and i'm so sorry jake hurt his hand!
i hope he gets well before school...ethan is starting kindergarten too.
(i'm praying he too gets a believer as a teacher)
i wasn't sure what to do with him..private, public or homeschool? but we are trying out public school.
i look forward to reading more blogs!
your boys are so so cute!
robbie and i see john mark in them!