Friday, August 31, 2007

What Color? roots were 3 inches long and my color had faded/changed colors. I was in desperate need to get my hair colored. My sweet neighbor has done my hair for the past 2 years...but she is really busy these I decided to venture out. First off, ouch to the pocketbook (but I have my own money now so that was much nicer). Secondly, you can't book someone within the week if they are REALLY good. Thirdly, what color would you say it turned out?
I call it ORANGE. Others have called it GOLD.
Whatever color it is hideous! I am trying to go "blond" but she said it was too hard and I needed to do it gradually. So, I was will be light brown, right????
Apparently, ORANGE is in between brown & blond.
So sad for me!!!!
The saddest part is it is reminiscent of Will & Jeffrey's hair this summer in Colorado (which was my least favorite color). Serves me right for being so ugly about there hair. I guess the joke is now on me!!
I'm praying she can fix it tomorrow and I'm praying Becky won't be so busy so she can fit me in next time!!!


k.murphy said...

crackin up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

Let's just call it different.
I don't think it's that bad and I can definitely see the progression towards blond.

Good luck on the rest of the journey. I myself have decided blond just isn't in the cards for me.