Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm Reading!!!

I know this sounds silly but prior to this past September, I had probably completely only a handful or so of books on my own these past 10+ years. I just wasn't a reader! I would pick up a self-help book every now and again...never finishing it but getting the gist of it.
Last September, Jeffrey and I went on our trip for his 40th birthday. My mother-in-law handed me a book called Redemption by Karen Kingsbury (a Christian fiction book). I got so into it that I finished it before we even boarded the plane to return home. It was part of a series of 5 books...I couldn't get my hands on them fast enough. During the few months, I finished all 5 of that series and started the next series called the Firstborn Series. Now, I am on the 2nd book of the 3rd series called the Sunrise Series (which doesn't come out until the end of the month). Yes, that is 11 books since September...and I don't read!
I've just finished 2 more of her books that aren't part of the series (Like Dandelion Dust & Oceans Apart)! Isn't that crazy?? I think Like Dandelion Dust will be out in a movie soon (around Easter 2008)! Can't wait!!!
I've also read this summer 2 other books: Sacred Marriage and Love & Respect...which are amazing books...if you are married or about to be MUST read these.
So, now my total books read since September is: 15! And...I'm not a reader!
I'm now going to find a good book on raising boys (maybe re-read a few I never finished like Bringing up boys and Shepherding a Child's Heart). I'm about to enter a new stage in life so I want to be prepared. No more preschoolers at this house...I better get ready!

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Chilton Family said...

Okay it's not an option. Go to a Christian Bookstore and buy the book Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. It will go down in history as your favorite book and you will probably read it in two days!! I did!! :)