Thursday, August 16, 2007

To All My Homies Who Workout

Seriously, have you logged on your workouts to try to win money yet? Do you play the lottery? This has much better odds AND it is FREE!! I promise...there are no gimmicks and I receive nothing for you to log in. I just want you to win!
Every time you log in your workout, you are entered in a daily drawing of $300-$1000. You don't have to put a picture of yourself in a bikini or anything! Just enter your address, e-mail address, etc. and you are on your way! You can walk, ride your bike, or do whatever exercise you want. It is fun to play and it is like an extra reward for working out. Would you PLEASE try it?
Enter here and click on "PLAY THE GAME" to enter (please excuse my picture as you do so...I'm trying to win the monthly drawing of $1-10K for my transformation)!
My friend Melissa won $300 last week just by logging in her work out!

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