Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dads And Donuts

Friday night was family movie night. Star Wars 6 (which is #3 to those born before 2000) was on. We were all snuggled on the couch (with Eli), eating popcorn (well, spilling it on the couch and floor), and hanging out. Who was Luke's father? was the question on everyone's mind....
Saturday Jeffrey had to work (say a prayer for him...he's crazy busy at work) so the boys and I hung around the house, went for a walk, then got ready for the Sports Marathon. They got loaded up in their baseball (Will) and soccer gear (Jake). We took Will to baseball practice. It was a beautiful day (minus the "sand storm") and it was families outside playing ball with their kids. There is nothing cooler than parents spending time with their kids, especially dads who were out there throwing the ball with their boys. Teaching them. Spending time with them. I soaked it in.
Jeffrey came to pick up Jake (he goes in early so he can be with his boys at night...amazing man!!) because he didn't want to miss his game. After Will's practice, I went to Jake's game (only the last 15 minutes b/c of Will's practice) and basked in him playing a sport that he loves. Again, I watched the dads who coached and cheered their kids on.
We went to church together last night. A man in our small group, Kurt, got baptized. Wow! His daughter sat in between me and his wife. What an amazing testimony to his daughter. She's only 8 but she will remember that moment forever...her dad standing in obedience and making a statement of what he believes. It made me cry!
This morning, we had "Donut Day" (a tradition started a long time ago). We usually go on Saturday but since Jeffrey worked yesterday, we did it this morning. Jeffrey went into Donut Palace (while the rest of us stayed in the car) and I watched as people walked in and out of the tiny shop. Dads. Lots of dads. Some with kids and some without. Dads getting donuts.
That's when it hit...all of these dads are making sacrifices, longing to spend time and invest in their children. They are a reminder of the heavenly father. He wants to cuddle on the couch with us, teach us a few things, cheer us on, show us WHO he is, and provide sweet things for us. He is the ULTIMATE dad with donuts!!!!

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Trendz Girl said...

Where you come up with these analogies is always amazing to me. I am glad to see that Dads spend time with their kids in the Dallas area too. That is one thing about Decorah, FAMILY!! Truly it is one of the main reasons people live here because it sure isn't to further you success in the business world. Here people could care less what you drive. Actually every one has at least one mini-van and then another car of some sorts and hardly anyone has a foriegn car. Strange isn't. I love it though. My boys love this place even more. Bryson went snowmobiling on Saturday. I will have to post pictures. My dad and sister took him, they had a blast. No t-shirts being worn here. Call me soon. Love ya!!