Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh, The Places You Will Go...(Or Things We Will Do)

Reoccurring theme...BUSY.
This week has been crazy but some fun things have happened.
#1: On Wednesday, Will was the "lead" for the announcements (see picture). He did a SUPER job and I was quite the proud parent! In true obnoxious form, I went to take pictures and took pictures of everything (the principal, the TV screens, all the participants, the teacher, etc.).

#2: Jake and I went to Kids Muze with his playgroup on Wednesday afternoon.

#3: Will started baseball practice. Yes, we are doing what we said we'd never do...have our son in more than 1 sport at a time. The crazy thing is, if you stop for a season you lose your spot on the team. So, we didn't want to lose our spot on the soccer team so we are doing both. I have NO CLUE about baseball. The nice man at Academy had to help me find all the gear we needed...including a CUP. Oh, my! What a milestone! Buying a cup for a boy is comparable to buying a 13 year old girl a training bra. I still haven't quite gotten over it.

#4: Today, I went to the carpet store. I'm getting carpet for the stairs!! Yeah! No more explaining what is on the stairs. Yippee!! The rest of the dirty carpet will have to wait until Eli is a little bit older to be replaced. Which one do you like? Don't get too attached...I haven't gotten the price quote yet....

#5: My "skinny pants" fit yesterday! I can't begin to tell you how great that felt. They weren't even tight (but it could be because I didn't dry them the last time I washed them). I haven't worked out very much the past couple of weeks but I have been watching what I've eaten a little better. I just know if you make right choices and will come off. I don't want to be obsessed! My "goal" of 125 is closer in reach. Only 3.5 to go! I LOVE running! Have I said that?

#6: "WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD"! Remember for my 2007 "goals" how I said it would take a small miracle for us to go to DW? Well, it happened! I got the OK from Jeffrey but I have to save most of the money myself. Me? Save money? That is funny! Actually, I'm doing OK. I've saved several hundred over the past 2 weeks (Jeffrey swears it is the first time in our marriage that I have stayed on budget...I disagree) and I even started making cakes for people to add to the Disney fund. Need a cake? We leave May 6th! I'm a freak right now about ever cent spent. My friend told me I'm supposed to be that way always (frugal)...not just because of a goal. Silly girl!

#7: Both boys have soccer practice tonight. Of course, their times overlap too! Ugh! Puppy School overlaps with Jake's practice. You know we can't miss Puppy School...that is like missing an AA meeting for an alcoholic!

#8: I ordered new glasses yesterday. Eli ate my old pair. I did good, however, at not spending much over the allotted amount given by the insurance company. I did have an inner battle, though. They had the cutest glasses that were $70 more. I refrained. "Disney World", kept ringing in my ear! Did I tell you I'm saving money? If you could only know how hard it is for me!

I guess that is all for now. I have lots to write but no time...


Kristen said...

I bet your family is going to have the world's best experience at Disney World. You being the total insider. I hope the lines won't be long nor the bears 101.

Way to go for your skinny pants feat!

And double way to go on saving $$. Goals are good. It's funny the new perspective I have on life since turning 30 or maybe it's just having a baby and a growing milestone to watch. I seem to know what's achievable in five years... more so than I've ever had in my life previously.

Keep up the good work! And send me a red velvet cake!

Trendz Girl said...

Hey Steph:

I am guessing baseball practice went well, minus the baseball hat. Oh well, you know for next time. Skinny pants....yeah. Are those skinny legged pants too. I have a pair of the skinny jeans and they are my favorite.

Way to go on saving money!! It is hard but when you are motivated, it is a little easier. Miss you!!