Friday, February 23, 2007

Darn You, Adam & Eve!

Fussy morning for the boys this morning! It could have been that they were allowed to watch 30 minutes of Star Wars XI last night and then couldn't go to sleep afterwards.
Will went into how he doesn't like school (which he does) and he doesn't like to work.
"Why do we have to work?", he asked.
"Because of Adam and Eve!", I replied.
What? He thought I was crazy!
We talked about the reason we HAVE TO work goes back to Adam and Eve. They screwed up! God wanted us to just hang out with him in the garden.
Then our discussion got much more theological...FREE WILL. Oh, my! What a big concept (don't ask me to get Theological...I'll have to call John Mark, my brother)! We talked about how Will had FREE WILL to hit his brother yesterday and that is why he is grounded from his Nintendo today (with FREE WILL comes consequences...yuck!). He had FREE WILL to make the choice on whether or not to hit his brother. Adam and Eve had FREE WILL on whether or not to eat from that tree. Both choices had consequence.
Would you much rather be in the garden today than cleaning house? I would.

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