Friday, February 16, 2007

Baby "?" was born today...

Our neighbors, the Krahls, were expecting their first baby girl in 3 weeks. Yesterday morning, while flat ironing my hair in my robe, my husband called:
"Go take Jen to the hospital. Her water broke. Ryan's out of town."
What?? (The scene that transpired was like out of the movies.)
I quickly got dressed (w/my shirt backwards & my boots around my ankles) and hurried Jake out of the house. We pulled up to the house to get Jen. She was crying, saying "It wasn't supposed to happen this way". I replied, "I know but we're having a baby today!! How exciting! Let's get to the hospital!" We packed her stuff in my car and headed out. Her brother-in-law (Travis) was coming to pick her up and had already made it to the neighborhood. We exchanged "the cargo" and I told her I'd meet her at the hospital. I took Jake to school and met them at the hospital around 9:30am. We sat around and chatted. This was the first baby on either side of their family. Flowers arrived, contractions started, and everything was going smoothly. Ryan (Krahl) arrived at the hospital at noon after catching an early flight from Nashville. "Just in time!", we thought. Travis and I left the hospital being was sure that baby would be there in the next few hours.
Well, that baby girl had other plans! She didn't arrive until 6:06am this morning!!
She doesn't have a name (which is her fault...she is the one who came early) so for now she is "?". She weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces. Congrats Krahls!! We can't wait to meet that sweet baby!!!
(I have a few pictures from the hospital but am afraid she would get upset...she was in LABOR, ya know?)

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Them Chandlers said...

You definitely win the "Neighbor of the Year" award!! :) Thanks for having us over...we had a blast!