Friday, February 02, 2007

Snot, Steam Room, Swimming, &...Snow???

I have a snotty nose (sorry to be so graphic) so yesterday afternoon I went to the gym (after staying on the couch all day long) to run (have I told you I'm a runner...well a VERY slow one). I thought people were crazy who did cardio when they were sick but I felt so much better. From the treadmill to the Steam Room I went. Yummy Eucalyptus smell and it opened me right up. Next, I picked up the kids in the child care room and took them swimming (with their friends Hunter & Cooper). Yes, I said swimming! Our gym has an indoor pool so the kids wanted to go. I sat on the sidelines and watched them feeling so much better. 45 minutes later...not so much. The stuffy, humid, chlorine air made me feel worse than before. Oh, well...the things we do for our children's enjoyment!
The funny thing was SNOWING outside. There is something really strange about swimming in the winter and even more strange is it snowing in Dallas! Very Bizarre!
So, this is what we woke up to this morning. Will still had to go to school but he got to play in it before he left. Eli enjoyed it too (he posed for this picture...I'm not kidding...he is definitely part of the family)!
I couldn't help but bask in the beauty that was this morning. The snow on the trees was breathtaking...not to mention the pink sunrise. Wow! Just a little hug from God to say..."Good morning & I love you!".
Next on the agenda...Disciple Now. We are having the freshmen & sophomore boys at our house this weekend. Pray for us!!! I've GOT to get rid of this snot!

(Yes, that is the basketball goal on the ground, dad! Jeffrey finished it last week but it keeps falling down. We have to get some sand to weigh it down this weekend.)


Kristen said...

sweet post, friend. i hope you get to feeling better asap. have you tried Airborne? I really love that stuff and it seems to work!

Jackson said...

Teenage boys and a cold all weekend? Sister, I will PRAY for you. Y'all got way more snow than we did. Eli is really really cute. If he's gonna drive you nuts at least he's adorable!

Jackson said...

Oh, and I agree with Kristen. Airborne really does work!